Why Choice Rehab?

To Improve Patient Care by…

Maintaining the skilled rehabilitation workforce necessary to provide for and treat your patients.

Reducing the incidence of falls and injuries via timely evaluation and modifications for safety risk.

Providing necessary documentation for state and national compliance.

Creating cooperative relationships with other providers in order to prevent hospital readmission and lower workforce cost.



To Improve the Bottom Line by…

Allowing for reallocation of time for human resources recruitment of nursing staff and other allied healthcare professionals.

Reducing labor costs associated with management, education expenses, benefits, and other general overhead associated with rehab positions.

Allowing for quick initiation of new projects without time spent on recruitment
of personnel.

Management of your rehabilitation department; we report to you, so you can focus on running your hospital.



To Stabilize Cash Flow by…

Eliminating unpredictable employee related expenses due to hiring, firing, and general turnover.

Choice Rehab manages your investment allowing for long-term retention of employees in all necessary therapy positions.



To Reduce Corporate and Executive Liability by…

Covering Choice Rehab clinicians by a 1mil/3mil professional liability policy
for patient care in your facility.

Contractually assigning certain employer liabilities and reduce your exposure to in-house lawsuits.

Assuming liability in RAC and ARD based recoupment cases for issues regarding rehabilitation documentation.


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